Why Do I Blog?

NEVER in a million years did I imagine I would have my own blog!  What changed my mind?  Read on…

In March 2012, I attended the Alabama Dietetic Association Annual Meeting.   Carolyn O’Neil, MS, RD was a keynote speaker.  You may know of her from the days when she was a Food and Travel writer for CNN for 20 years.  Also, she plays a Nutritionist for the “The Lady in the Refrigerator” series on “Good Eats” by the Food Network’s Alton Brown.  Carolyn reminisced about her early reporting career.  She would be given a random topic from her editor, like shoes, and then have to figure out an angle so it could be turned into a nutrition story.  Ms. O’Neil encouraged the Registered Dietitians in the audience to begin their own blogs.  I thought to myself, “Hmm, I like brain teasers and puzzles and word games, maybe I would enjoy blogging.”  This was the moment when “The Storytelling Nutritionist” was born.

“Math, Science, History, unraveling the mysteries” is a refrain from the theme song of the hit comedy series, The Big Bang. Yes, I love Nutrition Science, but ALL science fascinates me, so look for blogs on a variety of science topics.  A Big History Buff, that’s me!  My current home is in Huntsville, Alabama, where I bump against historical events daily, like the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Man on the Moon Missions.  Yes, it all happened here, and I can’t wait to relive history with y’all through my blog.  I’m not crazy about Math, but my husband is a whiz on the subject.  He will be a guest blogger at times on math and science topics.  So, math, science, history, it all started with “THESTORYTELLINGNUTRITONIST.COM”! 🙂

Wonderful people have touched my life.  I have lived in three regions of the US:  the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest, and now the Southeast.  I often wish I could throw a big party so all the magnificent people I know across the country could meet each other.  Well, if I can’t introduce you to my friends’ in person, I will introduce you to the awesome friends in my life via my blog.

One of my beliefs is that knowledge advances when one debates about an issue.  Please feel free to leave comments on my site.   Looking forward to many a lively debate with y’all!

I also promise that with every blog I post, my readers will learn something new!


Christina Marshall, Coaching Pioneer, Thought Leader, Founder of Totally Coached, Inc, and Founder of the Intrinsic Coaching Methodolgy

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