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I have known Mary Beth Patzke Uttecht since kindegarten.  We both grew up on State Street in Menasha, Wisconsin.  Her sweet and funny mother was like a second mom.  I just had an “AHA MOMENT”…Mary got her great sense of humor from her mother.  Comedy is in the Patzke genes!

Mary is still living in the Neenah-Menasha area, where she is the mother of two children.  I am exiled to the “Heart of Dixie” because my husband’s job is here.  It was wonderful to reconnect with her via Facebook.  I love her posts because they are usually about the sweet simple things in life, like how the apple pie she just baked is filling the kitchen with a wonderful aroma.  A recent Facebook post of hers inspired this blog post.  Mary advised:  “To my friends who are new to gluten free baking…just a little tip i have learned from mom’s place baking.  Remember to take your eggs out early, they need to be room temperature when baking.  Also, when it says “warm” water like 105 degrees, that is really hot. (If you have a thermometer, use it.)  Sometimes things don’t turn out if the eggs are cold and the water isn’t hot enough.  Yep, I’m speaking from experience!”

The same day Mary posted her baking advice, I learned about a wonderful website on home baking.  What a wealth of baking knowledge awaits you at this site!  Do you want to know how to combine camping and baking in the great outdoors?  Just check out the Campfire USA recipes!  Frightened about trying to make gluten-free baked goods?  Don’t sweat it because tips on gluten-free baking are available.   In addition, videos and webinars on such topics like ROLLING OUT A PIE CRUST or BAKING SUBSTITUTIONS are provided.  Are you a teacher or health professional?  Educator resources are provided for your baking classes.  BEST OF ALL, IT IS FREE!

What a gift from the HOME BAKING ASSOCIATION!  Their mission is “Providing tools and knowledge to perpetuate generations of home bakers.”  THANK YOU!

As for my friend, Mary, THANK YOU for your wild, crazy, joyful, and funny Facebook posts!  Keep them coming!  GO PACKERS GO!

Birthday Cake With Lit Candles


Last Thursday night I visited a Southern antebellum home for the first time.  Check out the Southern Lore Learnings!



“The North and South” were united on April 10, 2013 for Registered Dietitian (RD) Day at the State Capitol.  Yes, RD’s from the north and south parts of Alabama “met in the middle” in Montgomery to meet with our elected representatives.  Susan Miller, MS, RD, from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, gave us an informative tutorial on the pieces of legislation we would be advocating prior to meeting with our legislators.  Below is a summary of the bills the Alabama Dietetic Association is supporting:

AL HOUSE BILL 202.  This bill would propose an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, and as amended, would exempt food and over-the-counter drugs from state sales tax.  This bill was strongly endorsed by the Alabama Dietetic Association at their March Board Meeting.  As Susan Miller, MS, RD eloquently said, “People have to eat, whether they are rich or poor.  It is much more fair to pay a higher tax when purchasing an ipad or dvd players.  It also makes it easier for low-income citizens to afford fruits and vegetables.  This also helps prevent and treat chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.”  Also, Alabama and Mississippi are the only two states which still tax food

AL HOUSE BILL SB 454 and AL SENATE BILL 340.  This bill would provide additional funding to sites for such services as Meals on Wheels.  Like most states, Alabama is having a tough time balancing its budget.  Did you know one day in a hospital costs as much as one year of Meals on Wheels delivered to a client’s home?  Or that the cost of one month in a nursing home is the same as 5 meals delivered every week to a client’s home for seven years?  Our legislators can help save Medicaid funds by passing this bill!

AL HOUSE BILL 340.  This bill provides funding for the PACE program which delivers inclusive health care for the elderly.  ALDA President-Elect, Dana Herrazo, RD received funds from this program to provide nutrition counseling to clients’ at the Mobile County Health Dept.  Did you know for every dollar invested in medical nutrition therapy by the taxpayer, it saves three dollars in the long run?  Wouldn’t it be awesome if this legislation passed and RD’s could provide medical nutrition therapy in all Alabama counties!

Couldn’t make it to Montgomery.  Email your legislators.  You can find out who they are at us.  Thanks for helping to make Alabamians healthier!






































































Would you like to see the place where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus?  Or perhaps the church where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr led the Montgomery Bus Boycott?  Here are pictures that I took during my day trip to Historic Montgomery, Alabama on 4/10/2013.  Oh, I also added a little bit of controversy….what are your thoughts about a Memorial to Confederate soldiers?  Enjoy the trip!



Along with my students at Oakwood University in Hunstville, AL, I attended a “BAKING BOOTCAMP” with Ellen from Ellen’s Creative Cakes.  Check out the vegan muffins we made!